Friday, June 9, 2023

Iru ise wo ni irawo afefe lese (what type of work can someone born in Air elements do)

Iru ise wo ni irawo afefe lese (what type of work can someone born in Air elements do) 

Out of many Jobs that a man can do, anyone born in the air elements can do the following works because the work listed below are the ones that suits his/her star the most. 

Speaking Job - This kind of job are teaching, lecturing, Newscaster, etc) 

Health Job - Taking care of people like a doctor or nurse but must not involve in surgery)

Online Jobs -  These involve creating a website for someone, and any online job that are legits

These are the few jobs I can say about Irawo afefe

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  1. I am afefe onibinu,I have been working in a private school as a class teacher for over 6 years ,use na rorun funmi gidi sugbon mi o la kojo lenu ise na,mo wa nwo wipe iru owo ni mo lese...moti fi igba Kan ri se business wholesale drinks ni semi mo ko gbawole..

    1. Go and do IFA consultation to know the best trade and business you can do.

      Secondly, ask IFA if there is any spiritual, ancestral family problems or trouble which are affecting you.

      Don't forget to Bo Ori, do eru EGBE, do IFA initiation so that you can be unstoppable

  2. Please I am irawo afefe and I married irawo erupe,, which is really affecting us, please what's is the way out??

  3. Please I am irawo Ina tongbonariri and I married irawo erupe eruku, and is really affecting our home, please what can we do? We have kids already. Please thanks

    1. You have my whatsapp number on the article, contact me for consultation