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Iwulo Eja Aro (uses of Catfish)

Iwulo Eja Aro (uses of Catfish) 

Catfish are natural spiritual being that assist us in our spiritual journey. 

We use catfish for various uses and below are few out of its many uses 

Bibo RI (Head appeasement) : Catfish are used to appease our creator, lati bori.
They serve as spiritual food and messenger that strengthens our Head. Which in turn favours us in all we do. 

For Money attraction : Catfish are used in some rituals that involve money Eg money draws rituals in Africa involve catfish 

For pregnant woman: When a woman is pregnant, there is one concoction she has to eat that would made the baby healthy and hearty, they use catfish for this concoction. 

For pepper soup: apart from using catfish for the above uses and reasons, catfish is used for making pepper soup. 

Let us have it in mind that this is not the only uses of catfish, but we try to make it easy for us. 

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