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List of ORISA that give children

List of ORISA that give children 

Many people are desperately in need of a Child and they have been made to believe that once ORISA give you children, they are the children of the devil. 

Am here to tell you that it is a big lie. 

ORISA are benevolent messengers of ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ that were sent to make life easier for us. Our mistake is that we were brainwashed into believing they are evils. 

Below is a few list of ORISA that are well known to give children to those who need it. Their children would stay with you till old age unlike speculated rumour that they may die young or whatever. 

OSUN - ÔRISÂ for fertility, she is the mother of all motherless. She has billions of children to give and she never give condition for her children. 

YEMOJA - Mother Nature. She has children to give to whoever Obey or has promise to fulfilled her wishes. She is a simple ÔRISÂ that doesn't like to be cheated. 

OLOKUN - The Father of all the waters. Known as the grand patron of AJE, giver of wealth and wisdom. He blesses people with abundant children. Know what to say when you are with him because he sees your heart. 

AGBAGBA - Father of all the green vegetations that has to do with Plantain and Banana. We all know that banana are very good in reproduction, they multiply in triples. He also give Children. The worship of this Orisa is already on this blog, just search. 

OBATALA - The ORISA in charge of creation. Before any ÔRISÂ can give you a child, the child must have been created first by OBATALA. 

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