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What they will not tell you after IFA initiation

What they will not tell you after IFA initiation 

What am about to write is just the truth and no way around it but the truth, am a spiritual traveler of IFA and I bring stories from beyond this realm to you, to speak of the ORISA and their greatness to mankind. 

After you have been taken to IGBODU and has been initiated into IFA corpus / IFA religion , from that moment onward you are now an IFA student. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ and all the ORISA would say down and have a meeting in what to do with you, after the meeting an ÔRISÂ would be assigned to you. 

This ORISA that us assigned to you would best fits your star, your nature, your way of Life, your principles and everything about you. 

This ORISA would your your spiritual mentor, to guide you, to protect you, to nurture you till you grow old and die. There is no expiration to this mentorship unless you go against their rules and guidelines, it is only when you go against their rules that they would fold their hands and be looking at you. 

You can't know more than you already know neither can you grown higher spiritually than where you are if you offend your ORISA mentor. 

Many people have offendes their mentor because of prides, they have refused to listen and their mentor have refused to teach me. They even refused to apologize and make amends. This is very Bad. Hence this is why some IFA priest are more powerful than the other, this is why some IFA students are more knowledgeable than other. 

Apart from giving you a mentor, IFA and other ORISA would give you a spiritual gift. This gift is for you alone and they would help you to develop it. 

Some people are given the gift if wisdom, some are giving the gifts of the knowledge of herbs, some are giving the gift if vision, some are giving the gift of healing, some are giving the gift of being a IFA priest, and so on and so forth. 

But our problems is that after being initiated into IFA, we don't want to listen to what next .

We don't really care about our spiritual welfare. 

Many people rushed into being a IFA priest when it is not their calling. 

I am a speaker and a story writer for the ORISA and I believe this is my calling. 

What is your calling? 

Don't forget to memorize this website, for stories of the ORISA. 

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