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The birth of a new ORISA in the new Ongoing ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ festival in the spiritual Realm. 

He was born of all the four elements namely water, fire, earth and wind. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ introduced him to the fellow ÔRISÂ. 

BALOGUN Ina is ruthless, fierce and very dangerous to those who offend him. 

Anytime he enter the war zone, the atmosphere changes instantly. 

His enemies were seize and hold by the ground, the air sniff out the air in their throat while stopping them from disappearing, the water and blood in their body begins to boils until it exploit from inside out. 

Only those whoop he wishes to escape would be free and this is very rare has BALOGUN Ina never forgive his offenders. 

If he wanted to catch fun, he cause the rain of fire on his enemies while they run up and down for their Life. 

I only know little, I only know what they want me to know. 

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