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Difference between Ori Bibo and AJE


 Difference between Ori Bibo and AJE

There isa huge difference between ori bibo and Aje.

For novice, they are both Orisa.

Ori is your spiritual head, he fight your battle for you, support you and never leave you for anything 


Aje is an Orisa for wealth and prosperity. Aje is known for peace and it doesn’t fight.

When you do Ori Bibo, you are likely to overcome some challenges because your Ori will make way for you.

Doing Ori bibo doesn’t mean you will be rich or Poor.

When you feed Aje, AJE would bring wealth to you, boost your work, bring customers, connect you to various people such that you will be swimming in Money. 

The two goes along well, if you feed Aje and it doesn’t work, that means you might still have some spiritual battles to win.

In this case you need spiritual consultation to know why it is not working.

After consultation, IFA might tell you to feed Ori or Bo Ori which will fight the battles for you so that Aje can start working for you.

Don’t rush to Bo Ori if you are not a babalawo, Ori is different from Ori.

Bibo ori depends on your star, if you want to Bo Ori by yourself, you need the guidance of a spiritualist who will be present with you wherever you are to assist you. In this case, the spiritualist might not be there physically but would be there spiritually so that the ASE and energy from the spiritualist would make the Ori bibo successful.

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