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ELA - The Orisa responsible for the breaking of the Day


 ELA - The Orisa responsible for the breaking of the Day

Anytime you see another breaking of the day, you are supposed to say ELA thank you.

Some Babalawo are used to saying ELA BORU, ELA BOYE, ELA BO SISE

Paying homage to the Orisa responsible for the breaking of the Day.

Who ever want to make it in Life must Feed this Orisa because each day has its own blessing .

Feeding this Orisa would make your day and everyday worth living.

Long Ago, they used to celebrate this Orisa in a Big Way in some part of this Country. Ijebu in ogun state is not left out, the known OJUDE OBA today known with the IJEBU people of Ogun state was formally ELA FESTIVAL.

What am saying is. OJUDE OBA was formally ELA FESTIVAL before it was changes to celebration of Foreign religion (Islam) and showing of Horses like Arabians. No Offence made to anyone and no offense taken.

ELA is a very quiet ORISA and you can’t do without her.

That is why Yoruba play with Words and ELA and say




Paying tribute to ELA , in as much as the day would break, i would surely have a break through.

ELA is here and am written this to you to know.

More about ELA coming up in next batch of articles. 

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