Thursday, October 19, 2023

Whoever want to travel out of Nigeria must feed this Orisa


 Whoever want to travel out of Nigeria must feed this Orisa

This country is becoming hard day by day and everyone want to escape.

Some already have the money to travel but they are always denied visa, no matter how many times they tried.

While some don’t have the money to travel and they really wish they travel.

As the Guidance of the ORISA in the spiritual world and spiritual traveler, i have come with a Big solution to your Problem.

There is this Orisa that based Majorly abroad, you can’t do without him.

You need to feed this Orisa so that it would make your way clear and also make your travel easier.

This Orisa also fights and He is a Premordial Orisa that has spend a million years before the creation of Man kind.

We would first of all make IFA Consultation to know if there are spiritual battles you sill have to fight , thr consultation would reveal who and what is behind Your traveling not possible.

We would give your spiritual work and others to do that will make you win those battles.

After which we would feed this Orisa on your behalf to make your traveling easier than ever.

In no time, you would be in abroad.

To find out about this ORISA, contact AJE NLA whatsapp +2347031178647

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