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Fasted way people are dying - How to prevent yours


 Fasted way people are dying 

You must see a lot of people dying this days and you wonder what happened.

Some time the death is a mystery and its hard to solve or tell.

Am here to tell you the causes of few of those death.

If you have lost your loved ones,be it husband that loose his wife to another world or vice versa.

Or Children that loose their parents to the other world.

If you fall in any of these categories and you have failed to feed the dead, if you have failed to feed your loved ones who are dead, then you will soon Join them.

If you are not making that new world peace ful for them then they would make life a living hell for you.

This is one of the little thing that kills people, when you see someone died in a family and after some years other members of the Family follow. 

It is not because they have offended the elders or spiritual issue,this might be the reason.

A lot of people have neglected their loves ones who are dead, they claim its not in the bible to do such but the Bible says give what belongs to Cezar to Cesar. 

Bible doesn’t tell us to abandon our culture and tradition, you just accept faith blindly.

To know if your dead ones are angry with you, you will have to make a consultation which might cost a token after which AJE NLA would describe the best Feeding method for your lost ones.

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