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Solutions to Snake bite in the dream


 Solutions to Snake bite in the dream

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Knowledge is not free, we went to school to get BSc and the rest.

Even Pastors go to theology to know how to collect money from church members.

Snake is a beautiful creature and it is one of the most fearful animal in the world.

Do you know that we have an Orisa Snake in Yoruba knowledge? This Snake protect his children from vicious and bad people living in this world.

In Ancient times, snake were known for their healing properties and that is why in the medical line e.g hospitals and pharmacies, there is always snake in their sumbols. Have you ever ask why?

If you have been biten by snake in the dream and you are going from one prophet to another, this is your lucky day.

Its a very rare Orisa that the knowledge about it is lost, only few people know of its existence and am lucky to be one.

We can look at it in this way, can a bird kill a giant snake? A snake that can change form to human being, a snake that follows you around that no one dares offend you.

If you want to be its children, let me know.

If you need liberations from snake bite from the dream, let me know.

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