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Difference between angels and Orisa

Difference between angels and Orisa 

Angels are not in the same category as Orisa. Angels are English, the same angel is called malaika in Muslim religion and the same angel is called AJNONU in Yoruba religion. 

Their work is to serve as helper, carried your issue and problem to the Orisa involved who will later solve the problem. 

Orisa are way more superior than Angels, under each Orisa we have various angels who act and work with them. 

I remember one festivity I went to in the spiritual realm where I meet one good friend of mine, he is an angel and he gave me some spiritual work to do. 

Angels are helper, they are always around to help you out in your plea. 

There are limitations to what they can do. 
OBATALA created them to sought religion need of people and places them under Orisa to coordinate their actions  .

Stop seeing Yoruba tradition as evil, we are not evil. 

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