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The ministry of each Orisa by AJE NLA

The ministry of each Orisa by AJE NLA 

Below are a few qualities of what each Orisa is endowed to do. Many of the Orisa are multi tasking. But let's give it to them in Their core self who they really are. 

If you need love, you speak with OSUN

if you need children,  you speak with AGEMO,  OSUN, YEMOJA

if you need Patience,  you speak with OBATALA 

if you need happiness, you speak with OSUN

if you need wisdom, you speak with ORUNMILA 

If you need peace, you speak with OYA

If you need protection , you speak with OLOKUN 

If you need wealth, you speak with AJE 

If you need victory, you speak with SANGO 

If you need success, you speak with ELA

If you need twins, you speak with Orisa IBEJI

if you need assurance, you speak with ESU 

If you need purity, you speak with OBATALA 

If you need healing you speak with Sanponna,  Osanyin

If you want to hunt, you speak with Osoosi

If you want to farm, you speak with Orisa OKO

If you want to sing meloduously, you speak with YEMOJA 

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