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ORISA IDILE (Lineage Orisas)

Human Orisa as contended above, are legendary heroes who excelled themselves in their lifetimes, achieved greatness worthy of emulation in their different callings of specialization and professions and, performed deeds that were/are valued and beneficial in nature to their communities and localities in general.

In this category are legendary heroes like Ogendegbe in Ilesa, Lagelu in Ibadan, Lakijena, Lisabi, and Kunrunmi in Abeokuta, Ajagbure in Emure Ile, Oronsen in Owo etc. most of whom were great warriors. 

Some of these orisa Idile like Ajagbure in Emure Ile and Lakijena in Abeokuta are worshipped annually by their descendants in most cases, to keep their Orisa Idile memories alive.

The human turned Orisa (orisa Idile) are usually given reverences (iba) by their subjects, though in most cases, the reverences could be accompanied with token appeasements. 

This reverence in a way, is a wish and an appeal by the departed living to the departed human Orisa for guidance and for the success of whatever challenges that may be at stake at a particular time.

 The salient undertone being that the dead ancestors are being immortalized.

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