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ORISA ILU (Orisa worshipped in a community)

ORISA ILU (Orisa worshipped in a community)

Orisa in this catergory are ones collectively worshipped, feared and sworn to, in a community or locality. 

Not all the Orisa in this catergory per se. though, majority of the higher forms of orisa like Ogun and the likes are in some cases of Orisa Ilu come to being as a result of combination and compilation of esoteric powers like Ase(command), Oogun (charms), Epe (curse) etc. to fight and/or eradicate evil deeds or dishonesty in a community. 

A good example of this type of Orisa is Ayelala in Ondo State Nigeria. 

This Orisa (Ayelala), is a classic anti wizard devise and a check to perpetrators of mischiefs and those that ravels in evil deeds. 

Usually, these types of Orisa are the climax of many challenges that must have faced the community.

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