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ORISA IBEJI (Orisa of Twins)

ORISA IBEJI (Orisa of Twins)

 This type of Orisa has no affiliation to any other known Orisa, be it the higher forms of Orisa or the human turned Orisa. Orisa Ibeji is unique.

In its own case, Orisa ibeji is worshipped only by the twins’ parents or women wishing or hoping for twins.

 Orisa ibeji is very powerful when properly invoked and its object of invocation consist of Ere (twins’ image), Ewa ibeji (Special beans-small ones) Epo (red palm oil) etc.

Conclusively, to arise the wrath of these Orisa individually or collectively is to invoke their “essence” or spirits with negative object of invocation and that is ADIN which is hated by all orisas.

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