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ORISA ORILE (Universal Orisas)

ORISA ORILE (Universal Orisas)

As aforementioned, the first and highest forms of Orisa are the Irunmole turned Orisa. 

It is these Irunmole turned Orisa that are known as Orisa Orile and they are ones universally and collectively known, worshipped or appeased thus.

 In this category of Orisa Orile (universal Orisa)) are Orunmila, the holiest and highest prophet of mankind and worshipped through Ifa, Ogun, OSun, Osanyin, Esu, Obaluaye or Sonponno, Oosa Nla or Obatala etc. 

The difference between these higher forms of orisa and human orisa is that of superiority and efficacy in terms of invocation in favour of higher forms of Orisa whose ‘essence’ are normally invoked and appeased for easy acceptability of our wishes, wants and prayer by Olodumare.

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