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Difference between IFA and OSUN Initiation

Difference between IFA and OSUN Initiation

There is a lot of differences between IFA and OSUN Initiation.

Once you do IFA INITIATION, you have done all the ORISA INITIATION together at once with the IFA INITIATION but many babalawo would not tell you this.

They won't tell you that after IFA initiation you have done all the ORISA Initiation along with the IFA INITIATION because they want to collect money from you before they do other ORISA Initiation for you.

 They can just do the ORISA of your choice for you after your IFA initiation and they can just activate that ORISA of your choice for you . 

As simple as that, but they would not.

Osun Initiation on the other hand is just an ORISA Initiation. Once you do OSUN Initiation, you are only initiated into ORISA OSUN to become her devotee or priestess depending on you and your talents.

Osun Initiation has her own benefits and importance and I have written about it , you just need to browse this archive

OSUN is not just a ORISA but a mother to everyone and those who really wanted her ..

If you do OSUN Initiation and you still wanted to do IFA INITIATION,there is no crime in it and nothing is stopping you.

You can do the two if you have the resources and the two Initiation would help.

Some people might do OSUN Initiation and later wanted to do IFA initiation, you can .

You can have them both in as much as you can afford it and can take care of them very well.

If it's left to me, once you do OSUN Initiation there is no point in doing IFA INITIATION. Osun is more than capable to take care of you and your problems.

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