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How would I know if my OSUN Initiation was successful?

How would I know if my OSUN Initiation was successful?

This is not hard to know because after OSUN Initiation the Initiate would receive some inner sense of energy .

The Initiate would have more inner peace compared to before the Initiation.

The Initiate who has successfully done his/her osun Initiation would be having a lot of sweet dreams and visions .

Infact the initiate would be seeing more of ORISA OSUN in her sleep, in everything she does. 

If the initiate closes their eyes, they would see ORISA OSUN, when they sleep they would see ORISA OSUN.

ORISA OSUN would be there for the Initiate in every seconds and minutes of their life to protect, guide and help them (initiate) make the right decision in every way of their lives.

This is how to know if your OSUN Initiation was done rightfully.

The presence of OSUN would always be with you no matter where you go and what you do.

You would hear when OSUN speaks and you can always communicate with ORISA OSUN .

You would loved osun more than before .

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