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Differences between feeding of OSUN and OSUN Initiation (OSUN sise)

Differences between feeding of OSUN and OSUN Initiation (OSUN sise)

There is a lot of differences between OSUN feeding and OSUN Initiation.

When you have a problem and IFA says that you should feed Osun, you are going to feed Osun so that that problem would be solved at that particular moment.

After feeding OSUN, you become a close family of OSUN and OSUN would be looking out for you in all your doings .

Feeding of OSUN can cover you for few years , may be 2 or more depending on you and other factors . If they do it right and legitimately.

But when you do OSUN Initiation, o la la 

You become a direct son and daughter of OSUN, you would be given a gift or some gifts, you would have your own ORISA OSUN which you would he feeding at least twice a week .

After doing OSUN Initiation, you become psychic,you might see things before it happened.

I really can't talk much than this but on a final note, feeding of OSUN is very different from OSUN Initiation.

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