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No mortal can kill an OLOKUN devotee

No mortal can kill an OLOKUN devotee

OLOKUN is the ORISA for the ocean and he is more than that .

There are so many worlds unknown to mankind yet created by the father of creation OBATALA.

OLOKUN is the one protecting all those worlds making them unknown to mankind .

He is in charge of protection and that is why anyone that need protection are always advised to go to him (OLOKUN).

OLOKUN is a very strict and Powerful ORISA that doesn't take nonsense.

Every politicians, ỌBA pay homage to him because he is one of the IRUNMOLE. The first set of ORISA created. First class ORISA.

OLOKUN believed prevention is better than cure and that is why he (OLOKUN) shows you vision, let you know what is going to happen in the next minutes of any thing.

No man can poison OLOKUN devotee because OLOKUN would showed the devotee who wants to kill him and which methods they are planning to use to kill his devotee.

After the devotee has been shown who is trying to kill him (devotee), it is left for the devotee to take the right step so as not to fall into their trap.

If Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee, OLOKUN would have showed him what would happen before it happened.

OLOKUN would showed him if it's natural or someone is behind it .

Even if Junior Pope refused to listen to OLOKUN, OLOKUN would still make sure he survived one way or the other.

Many ORISA devotee don't know much about OLOKUN or what OLOKUN is capable of doing and that is because OLOKUN hides everything about himself from everyone.

The son of OBATALA

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