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OLOKUN keeps the portal of other realms not ESU


OLOKUN keeps the portal of other realms not ESU

Without OLOKUN there is no spiritual experience whatsoever because OLOKUN keeps the portal of all the realms .

ESU devotee thought ESU has the portal to all the world (Spiritual realm) because he is the one that carries sacrifice up and down.  HELL NO...

OLOKUN is the Father of secrets, he hides all the secrets of the world. The secrets of the world is in the hands of OLOKUN.

OLOKUN is venerated every Thursday and that is why he make sure that portals to all realms are opened on Thursday. Giving people some grace on Thursday.

If you don't forget, in the olden days. Yoruba people buried their dead on Thursdays, it is believed that our lost one (dead people) always visit their families every Thursdays.

Infact Sara for the lost ones (dead people ) are always done on Thursday except for some important reasons .

EGBE orun initiation is also done on Thursdays, if you can't afford doing egbe orun initiation, you can do egbe orun mantra or do some stuff to invite your Egbe Orun to you , so that your egbe orun can visit you on Thursday.

Egbe Orun visit their members who has not done their Initiation every Thursday when OLOKUN opens the portal of all the realms but people don't remember their dreams .

Without OLOKUN there is no dream. No one would dream and have any dream whatsoever without OLOKUN. He make sure you sleep and have a good dream. Except for those who have one spiritual battle or the other, except for those who has done rituals that doesn't allow them to sleep.

Every OLOKUN devotee have visions and they have a cleared insight because OLOKUN would give them all they needed to survive .

No wonders Pastors and prophets all went to do OLOKUN Initiation secretly because they wanted to see people's problem and at the same time be protected.

During IFA initiation, the babalawo carries OLOKUN sacrifices so that OLOKUN would register the Initiate and also give the IFA initiate his key to travel into the spiritual realm. Except your IFA INITIATION is fake, only if you do fake IFA INITIATION that you won't have a dream of traveling in the  spirit realm.

You can't consult IFA without paying homage to OLOKUN, IFA OLOKUN is always said by the babalawo.

Agree or not, OLOKUN is an IRUNMOLE.

He was among the first ORISA created by OBATALA the father of creation.

We can't do without OLOKUN, the world was only water, OLOKUN gave us sand from the depth of the ocean to create Land.

That is why when you dig up the ground, you would come in contact with water. Water is everywhere and it is because of OLOKUN that we have land .

The son of OBATALA

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