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There can't be creation without OLOKUN

There can't be creation without OLOKUN 

Yes you heard me right. Nothing would have been created without OLOKUN .

OLOKUN was not the father of creation and he is not taking glory for what he doesn't do but his contribution to creation cannot be underestimated or swept under the carpet.

The world as we know it contains water, up till this moment water contributed between 70-85% of everything in the universe.

Our body is majorly fluid (fluid is water), the sky is water, below the ground is water. We drank water, eat food prepared with water. Our blood is water, urine is water, feces is water, eyes is water, brain contains fluids(water).

Tell me anything that doesn't have water in it? 

I wasn't there during creation but having OLOKUN as my Godfather make it possible for me to know all secrets and have been dashing them out like never.

When the world was created, everything was Water.

All the ORISA had a conference meeting with OLODUMARE and they suggest that creation of humans is imminent.

The ÒRÌSÀ in their troops have to delegate someone (another ORISA) to go and speak with OLOKUN at the depth of the mighty ocean to ask for his(OLOKUN) permission.

It was after OLOKUN gave them (other ORISA) his permission that OLODUMARE sent Odùduwà.

If you are a bible lover then you need to acknowledge that OLOKUN give the finnest clay which is used to mould you.

If you are not a fan of the bible then you need to understand that OLOKUN moved sand from the dept of the ocean to the surface of the ocean and turn it to a dry land for humans to inhabit.

Today part of the world are sinking back into the ocean, the ocean is gradually reclaiming what was rightfully theirs, political leaders and rascals have no clue.  

Everyone is shouting global warming, what is warming about the globe? The world is shrinking back to water .

As you have read from above and from many of my articles, you would understand that OLOKUN is a major force in the universe.

OLOKUN keeps so much secrets that he is the father of secrets .

There is no much articles and post about OLOKUN and that is because OLOKUN keeps his secrets very well and he(OLOKUN) doesn't want it to be found or have a bad imagine.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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