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The bond between Babalawo and his IFA (untold mystery of their connection)

The bond between Babalawo and his IFA (untold mystery of their connection)

Everyone now want to be a babalawo, memorizing all the stanzas of IFA and the necessary sacrifice that comes with it 

I admire your courage and I salute your effort.

In the olden days, even if you wished to be a babalawo the chances of you being a babalawo might not favour you .

Babalawo are chosen from heaven just like some people are destined to be a pastor or Muslim cleric .

I have met few people who are destined to be iyanifa because of the power they posses and they don't know themselves until I showed it to them, until I opened their mind to witness that which they don't know that they had .

Some had this dreams that can't be related to the bible or any holy book of man .

Our mistake is that we mistake OLODUMARE's calling for being a pastor or Muslim cleric .

So many people came to me that I would still be a pastor, I always ask them. This work am doing, is it not Gods work? Who created babalawo and Pastor?

What is pastor doing ? Monetizing people's ignorant and promoting a foreign religion that enslaved people and keep them under control.

If you are choosen, then you have a choice to go any path you loved to.

Babalawo are called to do this work, they have an exceptional power, talents , wisdom of some sort.

Today, not everyone is called to be a pastor, the same thing happened to those who said they are babalawo. Not everyone is called.

Mistake people do is that anytime they are told that God want to use them, their mind always go to being a pastor or some sort. Whereas it might be that they must be a babalawo.

IFA is a child of every babalawo and it is your duty to take good care of that child.

The more you grow in the spirit realm is the more your IFA also grows .

Many babalawo don't know this about IFA . They are planning on building houses and having a standard way of life where as their IFA is till a child .

In the spirit realm, they are but a child . They never grow since when they started as a babalawo.
Still at the same point Spiritually.

The moment you are initiated into IFA and as a babalawo,you shared the same soul and mind with your IFA .

When you dies, your IFA dies with you , when you are sick, your IFA might be sick too.

Every babalawo shared soul, mind and energy with his IFA.

Your IFA powered your Opele and all the methods of divination used by the babalawo as his choice of divination.

IFA tells the babalawo what it sees in the Cosmo about a particular person via telekinesis (talking with the mind).

Most times I do IFA divination without uttering a word because I know I share the same mind with my cowries.

Because of this high bond between Babalawo and it's IFA, you must take care of your body.

Always dressing well, neat and having your birth regular.

The same way you must take goood care of your IFA regularly. Feed your IFA daily or weekly depending on your pockets.

You might be far away from your house and your IFA would still tell you what is happening because your IFA is in your body, it is link and join to your soul.

Babalawo and it's IFA are married together. Marriage is the bond of forces. Your soul energy and IFA .

Don't drink too much or fornicate, it reduces the bond between you and your IFA by creating impurities in your body .

Doing this over time will make you loose all connection with your IFA and your IFA would be left alone with no physical representative.

After a disconnection with IFA, your feeding of such IFA may not be completed.

This is why every IFA initiate has its own taboo .

Part of what this taboo does is to disconnect you with your IFA by creating impurities or external barriers to block off your IFA and your access to that IFA.

IFA is a spirit, it's an energy. It is not just the ikin that represents IFA but the energy that bond with your soul.

The ikin is the physical symbols of IFA , a portal to connect and feed your IFA and energy.

As you grow Spiritually so also your IFA and all your ORISA. They grow with you since you shared the same soul with them.

The son of OBATALA

This is the beginning of what I want to say about IFA and the babalawo.

I would be sharing more insight and knowledge in the coming days 

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