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The mystery of OLOKUN sigils

The mystery of OLOKUN sigils 

There was a time OLOKUN loved humans so much that he created his sigils for man kind to use for a lot of things like protection, riches,wealth and all sort of things.

The OLOKUN sigils was made of 100 pure gold, it's in various shapes. We have rings, we have bracelet, neck braces and others like that .

Who ever wore that sigil would be unstoppable.

Soon the sigils become a thing used for war, fellow man are killing themselves for this sigils.

So much blood was shed over this sigils ..

The sigils find its way into the ocean, probably someone throw it away or fell off after coming back from war and their shop capsized.

The sigils is still lost in the deep ocean till today but no one can find it.

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