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Foundations of Yoruba Gods


Örisà are the emissaries of Olódúmare sent on a special mission to earth. They came in form of human in the sense that they came through birth. 

After getting to earth, they possessed extraordinary powers than other normal human on earth. They support, protect and guide their community with all their power, so after their death, they will leave an icon behind fort their people to call on after they are gone. 

So whenever the people call on those icon and request for anything, it will be done by the Orisà!

Irunmóle are the messenger of Olódúmarè and precisely 

we have
801 Irunmóle according to IFA :
Igba Irúnmole oluk'ötún
Igba Irúnmole oluk'ösì
Ökânléni erínwó Irúnmolè tán n t'òrun bò wá'lé Ayé
200 Irunmole at the right hand side
200 Irunmole at the left hand side
401 Irunmole are descending from heaven to earth

This assertion made it known that 200 lunmole are always at the right hand and another 200 are at the left hand side of Olodumare while the remaining 401 are the ones always coming from heaven to earth, among them are Esu, Orúnmilà, Obatálá, Sango and the rest.

Their function is to make earth habitable for mankind and to carry out the will of Olódumare

Àse n tedumare .Àse

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