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IMOLE - The spirit behind every IFA divination that allows Babalawo to see what IFA says


 IMOLE - The spirit behind every IFA divination that allows Babalawo to see what IFA says

Yes, that is the way it is.
If you are a babalawo and you don’t know this before, you are a learner and you need to relearn your work.

Till now nobody can explain why some Babalawo can see clearly more than the other, till now everyone thought its because Babalawo are more experienced than the other, so they think its experiences that make some Babalawo good than their counterparts.

Well, am here to tell you what you have not heard before in your entire Life.

After Orunmila initiation to become a Babalawo, each Babalawo is given an IMOLE , a guiding spirit like candle which shed light to everything the Babalawo is doing.

IMOLE are wise creation and children of IFA with ORUNMILA as their grand father.

Some Babalawo don’t recognize their presence, many Babalawo doesn’t recognize their importance, or presence and many BABALAWO doesn’t pay Homage to this wonderful spirit.

After collecting money from clients, it your duty to pay homage to them, as a Babalawo you already knows this but some of you are after the money, you want to build big houses and be known and you have refused to feed the IMOLE, you refused to pay homage to IMOLE.

Sooner than later, your IFA would mot be accurate, your IMOLE and interpretations of IFA would not be as sound as Before and gradually you loose the light.

Many Babalawo do their IFA celebrations but its not enough, as a Babalawo you need to celebrate this IMOLE.

They also help me in writing most of this articles on my website and they have been a good family since i met them after ORUNMILA gave them to me.

For a start, please light incense for them and they would tell you what next to do.

Keeping IMOLE alive is your Job.

Am AJE NLA, for knowledge about anything in this world And beyond, i would be glad to help you out.

For consultation, dream interpretations etc whatsapp me +2347031178647

Thank You.

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