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Sunday, April 14, 2024

How ORUNMILA was born

How ORUNMILA was born

How ORUNMILA was born

I know you are all eager, eager to know how ORUNMILA the father of IFA was born.

Unlike Jesus who was born from a virgin without having intimacy with any man, ORUNMILA's birth was different.

Unlike Mohammed who was born from a woman, ORUNMILA choose a different path to earth.

Unlike other religious figure who came to this world many many years after ORUNMILA, ORUNMILA wasn't born of any man or woman or from the intimacy of a man and a woman.

How then was ORUNMILA born.?

When ORUNMILA was sent from heaven, he passed through the most famous portals guided by OLOKUN the father of secrets.

I wouldn't want to go deeper into this or make a confusing statement for your mind to comprehend.

To make it simple,

ORUNMILA emerges out of water without being born of any man or woman.

He (ORUNMILA) walks out from the water.

ORUNMILA wasn't born neither do any woman carried his pregnancy. He (ORUNMILA) walks out of water passing through the portal through OLOKUN.

In those days when OLODUMARE sent people to this world, they were never born. Infact most of them are not born by mortals , they usually walks or emerges out of water.

In those days Omo Omi (water children, children of YEMOJA, OSUN, OLOKUN) are not always born like today, they usually walks out of water, mingle with people and settle down with a family usually a poor family so that they can turn their poverty to riches (wealth).

Today in this century, if you visit any hotel that is close to the beach or you visit the beach at a certain time of the day, you are likely going to be with people who are from the depth of the sea unknowingly for you except you have a third eye, that is only when you can recognize them.

Though the rules is far different from that of those days, so they (Omo Omi) who walks or emerges out of water to relax and party with people can't stay for a longer time beyond 24hours. Anyone that want to stay longer would have to look for a suitable woman to give birth to them.

If you found my article somehow, you can always consult your IFA for more clarity but I know you won't because you are not seeing anything, I know you won't because it's not written by your favorite authors.

I AJE NLA is not here for anyone but to speak what was spoken to me and has been confirmed before publishing.

On a final note, ORUNMILA AGBONIREGUN Baba IFA wasn't born. He emerges from water, knowing where he was sent to, goes straight to OBATALA's devotee to learn the ways of Man and from there started teaching what must be taught to mankind.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Does ORUNMILA the father of IFA goes to School?

Does ORUNMILA the father of IFA goes to School?

Does ORUNMILA the father of IFA goes to School?

Fools and others are under the notion that ORUNMILA the father of IFA is an uneducated person that create something for the people .

Hence under the disguise of this notion, many Babalawo and IFA priest are not educated or even goes to school.

Sit down and learn something from AJE NLA ,the son of OBATALA,the king of birds.

Every civilization has one form of education or so whether formal or informal.

If you don't forget, people are already in existence before ORUNMILA was sent to teach.

As a matter of Facts, OBATALA was first sent to people to teach people the ways of OLODUMARE.

OBATALA teaches people to write in stones, to write with sands, OBATALA teaches people to read and write centuries after centuries before ORUNMILA was sent.

So therefore, there was a system of learning already on ground , there was a system of learning In place before ORUNMILA was sent to the world of mankind.

When ORUNMILA was sent to mankind, he was sent to existing OBATALA devotee who are already practicing the teachings of OBATALA.

ORUNMILA learns human ways of Life from those who accommodated him .

From there he started teaching people what they needed to know and the modification that have been done .

ORUNMILA goes to school, school in those days might not be what it is now. Whether you like it or not,he learnt from the existing OBATALA devotee one or two things about human existence before he started his own teachings , creating modification to existing teachings and teaching people in a more simplified way .

ORUNMILA learns what has been taught on ground from the people, he learn their ways of Life, and he took them from what they already know to what they don't know.

If you have this mindset that ORUNMILA is an illiterate then you need to change your mind on it.

As a matter of facts, IFA loved education and he inspired people to be educated.

Education liberated the mind and free people in one way or the other because education somehow opens the eye.

If you as a devotee of ORISA is not educated, it would in one way or the other affects you. You won't portray your IFA in a more opens minded, etc way .

Education would showed in you and that is why we must give our children the best education as an ORISA devotee.

Education allowed you to use more reasoning that use emotions. This is one of the advantages of being educated.

The son of OBATALA

My next article would be about how ORUNMILA was born.

You can't find this in books of any man .

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

IFA and the Moon

IFA and the Moon

IFA and the Moon

There are some rituals and sacrifices that has to be done on a full moon.

That is because IFA knows that at full moon,ORISA OSUN and all her creations like the 7 sisters of the moon, iyaami ELEYE and IYAMOPO are all walking round the earth to energies the world .

IFA knows that rituals done at full moon are always ready to be accepted and such sacrifices are not just mere sacrifices .

I have said before now that OSUN is the mother nature who powered the moon in the sky .

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Can I consult IFA in English? Can I do IFA consultation in any language?

Can I consult IFA in English? Can I do IFA consultation in any language?

Can I consult IFA in English? Can I do IFA consultation in any language?

Our fore fathers are wiser than all of us because they move closer to the ORISA and they got there inspiration from the ORISA.

IFA is bigger than any of us, IFA has been in existence before the birth of any other religious Beliefs like Christianity or Islam.

IFA can speak all language and understand all language.

IFA teaches language and inspire our ancestors to speak youruba Language, the same way IFA inspires other Tradition to speak their language.

The fact that IFA is known to the Yoruba people is the same reason why the ODU IFA is written in chronic Yoruba language that leave only the wise to decode it's true meaning.

Funny enough we hardly have any wise man among the Yoruba people or IFA practitioners of Today and that is why we have many versions if ODU IFA with each author simplifying it and breaking it down a little for lazy babalawo to read and understand.

I am not going to lie to you, IFA is encoded in Yoruba language.

I have met some pure spirit that speak pure Yoruba language and each time we meet I have to start looking for old people to translate the language for me.

I never know ORORUN means 5 days intervals until I met an ORISA that said I must do BLA blah on ORORUN.

Some ORISA would say Ojo aiku ni ko se kini Yi o ninu osu AGEMO.

Ko fan togba , ko ko fan togbe

Ko wa rubo enu ATI Olubobotiribo.

The above is just a simple illustration of the words spoken by the ORISA to me and it is undiluted Yoruba language.

If you are have not been giving the water from the ocean of wisdom, you would be lost in some deep words from the ORISA .

IFA speaks all language but it's original language is Yoruba language .

I have done consultation for someone who speak Dutch,google translate is not doing a good job in translation.

For him to be able to express himself very well, I told him to send me a voice note. I played the Voice note and said. IFA you have listen to this VN, now tell me what should be done.

It's so simple , I cast the cowries and it shows the solution.

Someone came to me from other part of Africa because she believes in IFA .

She speak her dialect with IFA and I collected the cowries from her .

I cast my OBATALA cowries and it shows me the solution.

On a final note,IFA is encoded in YORUBA language along with all it's forces ,ORISA and spirits but IFA understand and speak all language fluently.

Our fore fathers knows where the fountain of wisdom is located, they always go there to drink from this fountain and they never shared this secrets to anyone till they die.

It doesn't mean our fore fathers are bad people, they are scared that they cant see any one pure enough to be shown such secret.

I AJE NLA have found this fountain and am keeping it a secret till I die just like the people before me.

I AJE NLA have tried to give some wisdom to the world out of many that was giving to me via my articles. 

All I know is that, if you desire this path then you must be ready to pay the price of solitude, loneliness, purity, discipline, selflessness, service, giving ,

And many more .

Some of you belong to one cult or the other.

Funny enough, You can't be in ORISA club if you belong to any cult because to belong in any cult,you are definitely going to do one evil or the other and you can't talk about it.

I am not insane.

You are not just ready for this keap yet .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Thursday, April 4, 2024

What are you doing differently?

What are you doing differently?

What are you doing differently?

Cats and dogs have bought the book of ODU IFA, memorizing all the stanzas.

Everyone is now having IFA but not everyone is really doing what should be done .

Not everyone is close to the ORISA , not everyone is doing what they wanted.

Not everyone understands the ways of the ORISA .

Not everyone is ready for the spiritual journey.

If I was doing the same thing every one is doing, I wouldn't be here today .

You don't have to follow the same way people follow, you just have to follow and create your own path for others to follow.
Babalawo and their specialty

Babalawo and their specialty

Babalawo and their specialty

No doubt every babalawo has his area of discipline. An aspect of IFA they chooses to focus on and develop themselves more .

Some Babalawo focused on healing the sick including the mad people 

Some Babalawo focused on helping people to get pregnant 

Some Babalawo focus on helping people to travel out of the country 

Some Babalawo focused on helping people get money by doing money rituals 

Some Babalawo focused on solving people's problem

Some Babalawo focused on giving you good advice and future insight

Some Babalawo focused on locking client

Some Babalawo focused on getting your loved one back 

Some Babalawo focused on helping you grow Spiritually 

Some Babalawo focused on egbe orun initiation and others.

Where is your strength and weakness as a babalawo?
IFA is not static - An eye opener to all Babalawo, iyanifa and all IFA initiate

IFA is not static - An eye opener to all Babalawo, iyanifa and all IFA initiate

IFA is not static - An eye opener to all Babalawo, iyanifa and all IFA initiate

Whether you agree or not IFA is dynamic and not static .

Anytime people see another person doing something differently it posses a threat to them and their existence.

Anytime there is a new church other pastors find a way to control the minds of their members so as to secure their investment.

I am here today doesn't mean I would love forever but I know am not dieing anytime sooner than 100 years of age.

Everyday a new verse of each ODU IFA is produce,this is because IFA is not static.

Before in those days, it was only 16 ODU IFA that they have . All IFA consultation were based on the 16 ODU IFA .

As time goes on, civilization comes in and life become more complicated.

Hence the ODU IFA Begin to multiply themselves to give 256 ODU IFA .

The major ODU IFA and the minore ODU IFA (oju ODU ATI amulu mala ODU).

In the next future ,this ODU IFA might be 16 times 16 times 16. Who knows?

What I know and am very sure off is that each ODU IFA verses is becoming longer than before and they are being rewritten as time changes due to energies changes in the world which leads to people's awareness, spiritual advancement etc.

IFA is an advance religion that meets any situation and circumstances, all you have to do is to ask.

I once said IFA is not against transgender and I quote the ODU IFA but I didn't put the verse.

IFA is for open minded people, and you have to remain open in all things .

If you are not opened you would not listen or receive any thing from above .

Don't be fooled, IFA is changing and not static .

IFA is not a stagnant water but a flowing one .

Gone are the days when irosun meji for Mr A is the same irosun meji for Mr B and Mr C.

Today, the same irosun meji for Mr A might not be the same irosun meji for Mr B. Even though IFA says irosun meji to both Mr A and Mr B but the content and messages it contains differs.

People's problem can look almost alike but they are never the same.

This is because every day a new IFA verse is written, this is because they are different people with different identity and soul, no two people can have the same problem .Never.

This is one of the reason why some sacrifices failed because the babalawo is using the eyes of yesterday to look the IFA of today.

IFA is always on the move and you must also be on the move .

IFA is not static ... It is dynamic

It's whether you accept it or not ..

Gone are the days when obi was used for divination..

Today we have many other ways of divination..

If IFA was static, the whole babalawo should still be using obi for divination..

You can be in London and IFA consultation can be done for you in Nigeria.

Gone are those days that you have to be there before the consultation is done 


The world is changing and so also IFA .

IFA is not static.

The way you consult IFA for people in Nigeria is definitely not the same you would for people outside the country Nigeria.

Because of socio economic impact.

Culture and other factors ..

IFA meet every days need and challenges..that is why it is not static ..

Everyday a new problem is created in the society and IFA is eve

IFA is ever ready to meet such problem .

The son of OBATALA

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

The bond between Babalawo and his IFA (untold mystery of their connection)

The bond between Babalawo and his IFA (untold mystery of their connection)

The bond between Babalawo and his IFA (untold mystery of their connection)

Everyone now want to be a babalawo, memorizing all the stanzas of IFA and the necessary sacrifice that comes with it 

I admire your courage and I salute your effort.

In the olden days, even if you wished to be a babalawo the chances of you being a babalawo might not favour you .

Babalawo are chosen from heaven just like some people are destined to be a pastor or Muslim cleric .

I have met few people who are destined to be iyanifa because of the power they posses and they don't know themselves until I showed it to them, until I opened their mind to witness that which they don't know that they had .

Some had this dreams that can't be related to the bible or any holy book of man .

Our mistake is that we mistake OLODUMARE's calling for being a pastor or Muslim cleric .

So many people came to me that I would still be a pastor, I always ask them. This work am doing, is it not Gods work? Who created babalawo and Pastor?

What is pastor doing ? Monetizing people's ignorant and promoting a foreign religion that enslaved people and keep them under control.

If you are choosen, then you have a choice to go any path you loved to.

Babalawo are called to do this work, they have an exceptional power, talents , wisdom of some sort.

Today, not everyone is called to be a pastor, the same thing happened to those who said they are babalawo. Not everyone is called.

Mistake people do is that anytime they are told that God want to use them, their mind always go to being a pastor or some sort. Whereas it might be that they must be a babalawo.

IFA is a child of every babalawo and it is your duty to take good care of that child.

The more you grow in the spirit realm is the more your IFA also grows .

Many babalawo don't know this about IFA . They are planning on building houses and having a standard way of life where as their IFA is till a child .

In the spirit realm, they are but a child . They never grow since when they started as a babalawo.
Still at the same point Spiritually.

The moment you are initiated into IFA and as a babalawo,you shared the same soul and mind with your IFA .

When you dies, your IFA dies with you , when you are sick, your IFA might be sick too.

Every babalawo shared soul, mind and energy with his IFA.

Your IFA powered your Opele and all the methods of divination used by the babalawo as his choice of divination.

IFA tells the babalawo what it sees in the Cosmo about a particular person via telekinesis (talking with the mind).

Most times I do IFA divination without uttering a word because I know I share the same mind with my cowries.

Because of this high bond between Babalawo and it's IFA, you must take care of your body.

Always dressing well, neat and having your birth regular.

The same way you must take goood care of your IFA regularly. Feed your IFA daily or weekly depending on your pockets.

You might be far away from your house and your IFA would still tell you what is happening because your IFA is in your body, it is link and join to your soul.

Babalawo and it's IFA are married together. Marriage is the bond of forces. Your soul energy and IFA .

Don't drink too much or fornicate, it reduces the bond between you and your IFA by creating impurities in your body .

Doing this over time will make you loose all connection with your IFA and your IFA would be left alone with no physical representative.

After a disconnection with IFA, your feeding of such IFA may not be completed.

This is why every IFA initiate has its own taboo .

Part of what this taboo does is to disconnect you with your IFA by creating impurities or external barriers to block off your IFA and your access to that IFA.

IFA is a spirit, it's an energy. It is not just the ikin that represents IFA but the energy that bond with your soul.

The ikin is the physical symbols of IFA , a portal to connect and feed your IFA and energy.

As you grow Spiritually so also your IFA and all your ORISA. They grow with you since you shared the same soul with them.

The son of OBATALA

This is the beginning of what I want to say about IFA and the babalawo.

I would be sharing more insight and knowledge in the coming days 

Monday, April 1, 2024




You are not worthy of being called AWO if you don't speak the truth.

You are not worthy of being called AWO if you don't do the right thing

You are not worthy of being called AWO if you don't protect the truth

You are not worthy of being called AWO if you are a womanizer 

You are not worthy of being called AWO if you don't have value 

You are not worthy of being called AWO if you are not faithful

You are not worthy of being called AWO if you don't have respect.

Out of many AWO, are you a real AWO?

There is only one AWO that I know in the whole of this world, the others are ASAWO AWO

Baba na my Mentor, I get mentor . 

I followed Baba's path of purity.


The cap is too big for their head, The shoe is to big for their leg.

No value , nothing .

They only quote awo support awo when they do evil and they want you to support that evil .

If you do good , the ORISA would bless you immeasurable.

I know people would talk about me and I know they would say my price is high but they can never say that I do Spiritual work or anything for them and it doesn't work

What can people say about you?

If this post doesn't make you happy, kill yourself cos I don't care .


Friday, March 29, 2024

Legit babalawo don't snap pictures of their sacred shrine and temples

Legit babalawo don't snap pictures of their sacred shrine and temples

Legit babalawo don't snap pictures of their sacred shrine and temples

It is sacred and must remain sacred .

I am not an egungun devotee or priest even though I have make a dedication to have a minimum of 1000 ORISA in my shrine before I die .

I still don't have EGUN and am working towards it.

I have gone to EGUN shrine to feed EGUN times without number and each time I am always told not to come with my phone.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too harsh or too strict . This make me visit some other shrines in Òyó and it's environments to see how it's been done .

Most iyanifa and Babalawo of old don't snap pictures of their sacred shrines and temples.

I wonder why the generations of today do this things .

Wanting to be accepted or want to prove that they are legit of some sort?

You don't need any of those . If IFA is still IFA and IFA is still legit . What you would eat would come to you and it is not until you snap pictures of your shrine before people would know that you are legit.

Many of those who snap pictures are either hungry or don't know what they are doing .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Friday, March 22, 2024

Babalawo are the True king in Yoruba land

Babalawo are the True king in Yoruba land

Babalawo are the True king in Yoruba land

Forget those who called themselves king or got appointment as a result of political influence and they got a throne .

Babalawo are the true king in this generation, babalawo are the only one holding on to YORUBA Tradition and culture .

How many Oba king are still holding on to YORUBA Tradition and culture? 

They have all gone to give their life to a a foreign God and have swear to destroy the throne which their ancestors before them left for their children after them.

Babalawo are the king in Yoruba land as at today .

Babalawo don't jump from one pastor to another, they stay at their shrine and people come to them with their problem and they solved it for them.

How many Yoruba king has solved people's problem ? 

All what matters to the king of today is the money they want to swallow so that they would grow a big pot belle and because they want to make a donation to a church so that they Pastor preneur can called them and tell them to shout hallelujah.

The king of today don't solve people's problem at all, they travelled on big cars, sleep with people's wife , steal people's property , and do bloody rituals to kill the people they govern.

The king thinks they are all powerful but they are not, that is why so many people would insult the king and nothing would happen 

But I swear in the name of OLODUMARE that no king dares to insult AJE NLA cos that would be their last statement. How many king has that spiritual authority? They don't have.

Even IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO has turned their back on Royal Families and royalties because of their evil atrocities.

If I don't tell you the truth, your Pastor that collects millions of Dollars from you would never tell you the truth, your chiefs and thief's would not tell you the truth.

Please let us always thank Babalawo and praise them for their effort in cleaning the country and preservation of cultural values and ethics .

Monday, March 18, 2024

Olden Tradition of giving your child to the river to bless

Olden Tradition of giving your child to the river to bless

Olden Tradition of giving your child to the river to bless 

In the olden days long before time,the children of OSUN, YEMOJA and OLOKUN always visit the River with their new born baby for blessings.

This Tradition is reduced to one particular tribe in the country and that particular tribe are also not dedicated as before .

When you have a baby as an ORISA devotee, the ORISA would be present with their gifts which they would hand over to the child in question.

The child whose spirit would be there along with his spiritual friends and egbe orun to receive those wonderful gifts of the ORISA .

This rituals is always in stages and can take up to days before it is finished.

Part of the rituals is for the baby to be taken to the nearby flowing rivers .

The baby's destiny is locked and protected from all sort of Evil and the presence of the ORISA is always with that child .

The child would definitely be initiated into one or two forces by the ORISA and if the parent has money the child IFA INITIATION would have be done at that instance .

Such child would grow up to be a major force and if well brought up in good manners and respect to elders, the child would never face any battle that would over come the child.

The child grow up to see the world at higher degree for what it is and speak with unseen forces and spirits.

The Reason for this lost in Tradition is because of the way we embrace foreign religion and neglect ours.

There is still power,there is still forces and these forces never seize to express their presence to whoever has the purest of mind and is ready to follow their Path.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

IFA INITIATION : The password to travel in the spirit realm - Top secrets of Initiation

IFA INITIATION : The password to travel in the spirit realm - Top secrets of Initiation

IFA INITIATION : The password to travel in the spirit realm - Top secrets of Initiation 

Any religious Beliefs that doesn't give you Initiation is a shamboo

Go and do your research very well.

To be in some great clubs in this country or in the world  you would or have to be initiated.

Many of you belong to one clubs or the other and yet you are going to church .

You do your club initiation, you know but you can't tell.

Club is another English name for secret group or cults. Yes I would say it and Dem no born una papa well to do anything.

IFA comes with Initiation and for that reason it give you the license to travel the spiritual realm.

Many people, 99% of people don't know this, they think IFA is all about using soap, doing incision, and carrying sacrifice.

IFA is beyond that level and if you are still on that level you need to upgrade to 100G at full bar.

IFA INITIATION is the door way to the realm of the ORISA and it depends on the truthful path you take after Initiation.

After Initiation we are all tempted and we must be patience. 

We grow small small till we get there.

After your IFA initiation, You would meet a lot of beings / Spirits who would want you to be part of their groups. It is your decision to accept or reject.

Many of us have this church mind that they are evil so we reject the great offer of a lifetime.

Those beings and spirit are from other realms.

When you accept to Join them, they would initiate you into being one of them and your activeness in this group would determine your further growth in the spirit realm

As you become active in this groups, they would take you to their realms and link you more to other realms.

That is how the link is formed, you become a citizen of many realms and you visit those realms from time to time.

Some may even give you wives and beautiful house.

You would eat their food, learn their language and do all sort of things a man do in this realm.

Be guided, they would give you everything and you must not be carried away with comfort or luxurious lifestyle.

This is where many people failed because the moment they saw all this things and participate in all, their physical life also changed for a better because they now have more forces at their back that back up what they do. This spirit are force ,many things bend to your will because of this forces.

Everything is a test and only a true mind can understand and get the right thing done at the right time because people get carried away and forget the purpose .

On a final note.

It take time to grow ,sometimes a growth can start after a year , a growth can start before a year,a growth can start after 2 years or even more.

Everything depends on you, how well do you pass those test?

The son of OBATALA
The son of AGBODERE 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Should a Babalawo Fast? A shocking answer

Should a Babalawo Fast? A shocking answer

Should a Babalawo Fast? A shocking answer 

This is a controversial question and many Babalawo are saying No.

I love to shake the tables and I am telling you that fasting is the foundation of all religion in the world and beyond this world of human existence.

If you are very sure of the IFA or very sure of the Opele and everything that you are holding , you can consult IFA on this question.

Should a Babalawo Fast?

Can a babalawo Fast?

Should I fast as a babalawo?

Is it important for me to fast as a babalawo?

If your IFA is as pure as it should be, all your answer would be Yes.

My name is OLUWO ODUKUNLE AJE NLA and I love to cause trouble.

Now many Babalawo would say that it is not in ODU IFA to fast, I agree that it is not in ODU IFA to fast. 

Now I would ask a question, is it in ODU IFA to tie client?

Many Babalawo tie down all the client that come to them for consultation or whatever. Tell me, is it in ODU IFA to tie client?

Is it in ODU IFA to be a babalawo and also be a Muslim? 

Is it in ODU IFA to fast a Muslim fast while you are a babalawo?

Is it in ODU IFA to build a separate room for ORISA ?

Is it in ODU IFA to put lamp in your shrine?

Is it in ODU IFA to feed IFA for someone who doesn't have his/her own IFA but yet you are feeding IFA for them? Tell me, which IFA are you feeding for them?

Is it in ODU IFA to use olugbohun (animal horn as voice enhancer) ?

I have tonnes of questions I would love to ask but the time is not there .

People only talk of IFA if they don't want to do what is right. So they bring questions like , is it in ODU IFA?

So many people came for consultation or have done consultation and after doing it I would tell them, if I do anything for you ..

You must stay away from sex in the next 2 month and you must fast for two days.

Many would not come back because they don't believe that babalawo can recommend a fast.

Some people are still jumping from pillar to post looking for solution and I know they would never see any solution till they die. This is not a curse, they don't like the truth and anywhere they found the truth they would run away from it. Tell me, how can their problem be solved?

This reminded me of a man that came to do consultation early this year and I told him to feed OBATALA,I told him my very high price and he was like what and what are we using that the price is high.

I replied you can go and feed it wherever you like , it's your choice .

This same man message me with another number and was asking where I am, I know he is still looking for solution to his problem and running from post to pillar.

The hand of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO was on him dealing badly with him. It is only OBATALA that can help.

I replied and said, sir I have seen your face before , this and that. He said, the situation of the country is the reason why he has not done this and that.

Deep within me, I laughed. I know he is still running from post to pillar looking for answers , looking for magic , looking for Power . He has the money but I know my condition of no sex and fast might have pissed him off.

In my mind nothing is wrong in this economy, people are building houses and buying cars , don't be negative and you would see your life progress.

As a matter of facts I am better than yesterday and I am making an improvement everyday because I am a flowing river, I move forward.

If you as a babalawo is so sure of yourself, do a video of your consultation with IFA via opele, ikin, cowries and many others and tell me if your IFA says no fasting.

But many won't do this because they detest the truth.

They follow one old man or one person who doesn't even know how the world works.

If I don't tell you the truth, no one would.

On a final note, you can't practice any spiritual path or religion without fasting.

You can't be a Christian, Muslim, Monk, Buddhist, illuminati, Rosicrucian, etc without Fasting.

Think twice if you still want to argue.

My new ORISA , ORISA OLUBORI is waiting for who to snack their ass.

The son of OBATALA.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Religion and Fasting

Religion and Fasting

Religion and Fasting 

Fasting is a good way to communicate and restrain your self while focusing on the inner part of yourself.

Fasting cut across all religion including ORISA and Babalawo.

I fast as Babalawo and it is part of the seclusion and rituals that comes with spirituality.

You can't be an OBATALA devotee and not have a white dry fasting at least once a week.  Except if you are Fake.

You think all this powers are coming from EBU, concoction, rituals , etc?

True Power comes from staying connected with the divine and part of the requirements to stay connected is Fasting.

There was ORISA conference where all ORISA gathered together to fast and Pray once in three months, OSUN inspire me the most when it comes to fasting .

Like I said, am an ancient Man following ancient ways of Life .

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Your IFA is not going to work if you have this Problem

Your IFA is not going to work if you have this Problem

Your IFA is not going to work if you have this Problem 

Many people would rushed into doing their IFA initiation and they would get it done.

When I told you that IFA INITIATION price varies from places to places, many people would prefer to go to a place where it is cheaper.

I know a lot of people who after their Initiation still have many issues and they think that their IFA is not legit.

During your IFA initiation, they supposed to do the convenant of the elders and the begging of the elders for you.

In most cases the OLUWO, new generation OLUWO would not do this things . They just do the INITIATION.

Anyone who has offended the IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO must pay all their debts by begging .

Don't be fooled by those who don't know how the world works, IFA and other ORISA are not at war with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

They work hand in hand together. IFA can't say anything if you have refused to beg the elders.

If they do IFA INITIATION for you and they didn't do the convenant of the elders and begging of the elders for you, your IFA is not going to be that active.

That is why after many people have done their IFA, they feel as if they are not moving forward, they feel as if they just wasted their money.

Most of the OLUWO did a legit IFA for them , just that they didn't do the other things like accessories that would make the Initiate to enjoy their IFA .

They cannot do IFA INITIATION for you without feeding OBATALA. Obatala is the only ORISA that can speak with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO and if they don't feed OBATALA for you during your IFA initiation, IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO would never forgive you even if you do begging of the elders a million times.

On a final note, if your IFA not not speaking and you are crying because you think the IFA they do for you is not working well as you hope it to be.

The solution is to feed a legit OBATALA and do a Legit feeding of the Elders followed by the feeding of ORISA OLOKUN.

The price for rectifying this is quite expensive.

That is why you must be ready to pay the actual price of IFA initiation that comes with all the accessories like feeding of all the ORISA and begging of the elders along with their convenant.

IFA INITIATION is not just the IFA, it a combination of all the forces that existed and they must all be attributed.

I remains OLUWO AJE NLA.
The only son of OBATALA
The son of OLOKUN
Important notice during IFA initiation

Important notice during IFA initiation

Important notice during IFA initiation

During IFA initiation there is this ancient tradition of feeding all the ORISA for the first 3 days of your initiation.

It is an ancient Ritual and only a few Babalawo know how the ritual is done.

It is after the feeding of the ORISA that the proceed with your IFA initiation.

Today not everyone feed all the ORISA for the initiate.

This is one of the reason why after IFA initiation, your life is still the way it is before the initiation.

They don't just feed the ORISA that shows up while conducting the Initiation, IFA initiation means you have join the ranks of being a followers of the ORISA and you have direct access to seeing or talking to them.

Most Babalawo only feed ESU, OGUN, and AJE for their initiate.

Well, it is more than that .

As a matter of Fact the begging of the elders is also done during IFA initiation because you are now the sons and daughters of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Am AJE NLA....
Can Babalawo wear shirt and Trouser ?

Can Babalawo wear shirt and Trouser ?

Can Babalawo wear shirt and Trouser ?

As a Babalawo we are promoters of Yoruba culture and preserver of Yoruba heritage.

IFA didn't tell us to wear a particular cloth but we shod have it at the back of our Mind that IFA is in Yoruba Language and it is our duty to preserve IFA till our last breath .

One of many reasons why babalawo don't wear foreign cloth is because foreign cloth are not always free on us and they don't allow proper movement of body part during IFA consultation.

We should not forget that a single metal from the waist belt used in our trouser may also affects the readings.

IFA is ultimate energy but we should know that energies from cell phone, iron and metals may affects our readings.

If you went to school you would understand that we have true north and magnetic north .

It is just physics.

When I was initiated into IFA via my dream, I started loving anything that comes from Yoruba .

I love to wear Yoruba cloth and I love to speak YORUBA, I got married to a core Yoruba and I am a happy Yoruba Man.

IFA opens our eyes to see the beauty in our Culture, Tribe, ancestors and everything about Yoruba.

The choice is left to you if you want to use your left hand to describe your father's house but as far as am concern.

As a babalawo I don't wear shirt and Trouser except if I want to run and do some exercise .


Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Is it compulsory to leave my IFA with OLUWO after Initiation?

Is it compulsory to leave my IFA with OLUWO after Initiation?

Is it compulsory to leave my IFA with OLUWO after Initiation?

You are not save if you leave your IFA with your OLUWO.

In this life you must not trust anyone ,not even your OLUWO should be trusted .

That is one of the principles of ORISA OLOKUN, he used to tell me that trust is a hard currency that is not easy to get.

Someone was sharing with me that his OLUWO intentionally feed his IFA with the taboo.. I was not shocked at all because he trust when he is not supposed to trust .

IFA didn't say we must give our IFA to our OLUWO,it is not mandatory or compulsory.

As a matter of fact IFA is not for those who are not ready, why would you have IFA and give it to someone to keep for you?

 Are you ashamed of IFA ?

If you are ashamed of having IFA why do you do IFA INITIATION?

How would you grow if your IFA is with someone else ?

You know what your IFA likes to eat, you would feed it and communicate with it 

By doing this , you would grow in the spirit and have a good bond with a good relationship with your IFA .

Your IFA can tell you ways to do it better and get better in doing what you do.

It is not in ODU IFA that we must give our IFA to our OLUWO.

The choice whether you want to give your IFA to your OLUWO is yours and not from IFA .

Don't complain if your OLUWO did something to your IFA .

Like I said,trust is no where to be find and don't trust anyone.

Can I practice other religion with IFA ?

Can I practice other religion with IFA ?

Can I practice other religion with IFA ?

The choice is yours to make,I have seen people practice their first religion with IFA .

IFA is not angry with anyone that has other religion they are doing .

It is not in ODU IFA that we can't do other religion.

But it is better to put our mind in one place and remain focus.